Last minute gift ideas

We get it. Shopping for meaningful gifts is tough. Especially for things that are personalised and you can get fast.

So here’s the five best gifts which you can buy at the very last minute – all of them printable so you can have them ready to go right now!

Every CAREgift represents an item that CARE Australia uses in our poverty-fighting work. They are beautiful examples of a last minute gift can still be a meaningful gift.

Whoever you’re buying for, we’ve got you covered! With each purchase, a family in the developing world receives lifesaving aid, and your lucky friend will receive a beautiful, personalised eCard that they can print at home, letting them know the good they’re doing!


For Christmas – A water pump

Need to cool down this summer? You need a water pump! - Here’s a gift of charity the whole family can feel pumped up about! A $450 water pump provides clean, safe water to a whole community! This simple pump gives families clean water close to their homes instead of forcing them to walk for hours to collect water every day. Give the gift of precious water this Christmas!


If you’re looking for an adorable gift for someone you adore, look no further than this little lamb. For just $48, you can provide a lamb to a family in need – and that means they’ll have plenty of milk to feed their babies, wool to keep warm in winter, and rich manure to fertilise their crops all year round. Amazingly, these delightful creatures can do all these things for a family while looking super cute the whole time!


For Christmas - A School backpack

If you want to give a child one of the most helpful gifts of all, you can help prepare a child for school by giving this $30 school backpack. It comes chock full of supplies like a new school uniform and textbooks for their studies. This gift is one of the best ways to give a child the best start to their new school year

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For Christmas - Mosquito nets

Did you know that mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal on earth? Every year they kill almost a million people – mostly from malaria. All it takes to start helping save lives is a $20 mosquito net – and you can give one today! These nets have been treated with insecticide to make them as safe as possible, and help protect a family from deadly diseases.

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For Birthdays – A healthy start for a baby

Here’s a bundle of joy.

Show someone how much their birthday means to you by spreading the love to the most special birthday of all: the actual birth day! For just $30 you can provide healthcare for a new mum and her baby so their first months together are happy and healthy. It’s the gift every mother and baby deserves. 

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For your Valentine – a pair of ducks

Is there a special someone you’re hoping to spoil this Christmas? Whether it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, what better way is there to say “We make a perfect couple” than a pair of ducks?

For $55, this adorable eco gift is so valuable because these ducks’ new owners will be able to sell their eggs and their manure. It’s ethical shopping made simple and it’ll make a quacking gift for any love bird this Christmas.

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A cheap gift – a chicken!

Is there a $20 cap on your Secret Santa at work? This is the cheep gift for you!

If you are stuck counting your pennies at Christmas time, look no further. This $15 chicken is great value for money, and provides nutritious eggs for a family to eat and sell. Even though it’s cheap, you’re still helping provide food and income for a family in need, so there’s no need to feel like a scrooge this Christmas!

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Ethical gift – Send a girl to school

Give a shout out to a special lady in your life, and celebrate some serious girl power this Christmas.

Did you know that girls miss out on school more often than boys? For $75 you can provide a girl with the things she needs to attend school for a year and you can give her a better chance to grow up healthy, earn an income, and send her own children to school one day.

Your gift is a bright future for a person in need.

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With so many lifesaving gifts to choose from, like immunisations for babies or goat gifts for farmers, these are the best gifts you can give this Christmas! Check out the full range of CAREgifts here.