Ethical Gift Guide - The Best Charity Gifts!

If you’re on the lookout for Christmas gifts that give back, you’ve come to the right place. All these Christmas gift ideas are great charity presents and make wonderful ethical purchases and eco gifts for your friends and loved ones.

These Christmas charity gifts represent an item we use in our poverty-fighting work. They are beautiful examples of how ethical shopping can make a big difference.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for men, women or your favourite teacher, we’ve got you covered! When you shop ethically with our CAREgifts, a family in the developing world receives lifesaving aid, and your lucky loved one will receive a beautiful, personalised card letting them know the good they’re doing!


Gifts for him – A goat

Why not give a guy a goat! I’m not kidding – this is a seriously important gift! For $45, this goat will provide milk for its new owners to drink and sell, helping them to earn an income.

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Gifts for her – A lamb

What woman wouldn’t want a lovely little lamb? This adorable gift provides lots of goodies to sell – for $48, a little lamb can provide milk, butter and rich manure for fertiliser.

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Gifts for Mum – A healthy start for a baby

Here’s a bundle of joy.

Show mum how much you CARE by spreading love to mothers everywhere! For just $30 you can provide healthcare for a new mum and her baby so their first months together are happy and healthy. It’s the gift every mother deserves.  

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Gifts for Dad – Vaccinate a child

Looking for a change from the classic socks and jocks combo for dad this Christmas? Here’s an ethical gift idea that’s truly life-changing. For just $25, you can help a dad in the developing world look after the health of their child by providing a lifesaving immunisation. As more children are protected, the spread of disease within communities decreases. It’s a gift for the family man that keeps on giving.

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Gifts for your partner – A pair of ducks

Is there a special someone you’re hoping to spoil this Christmas? Whether it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, what better way is there to say “We make a perfect couple” than a pair of ducks?

For $55, this adorable eco gift is so valuable because these ducks’ new owners will be able to sell their eggs and their manure. It’s ethical shopping made simple and it’ll make a quacking gift for any love bird this Christmas.

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Gifts for the family – Water Pump

Here’s a gift of charity the whole family can feel pumped up about! A $450 water pump provides clean, safe water to a whole community! This simple pump gives families clean water close to their homes instead of forcing them to walk for hours to collect water every day. Give the gift of precious water this Christmas!

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Gifts for a teacher – School Books

Read my lips: this gift is a big deal!

Wanting to show some gratitude to the wonderful teachers in your life who inspire and guide you? Share the gift of learning and help school children with much needed reading materials.

A $10 CARE donation can provide schoolbooks to a child in their native language so they can learn the joy of reading, an essential skill that will help them through life.

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With so many lifesaving charity presents to choose from, like immunisations for babies or goat gifts for farmers, there is something unique for everyone! Check out the full range of CAREgifts here.