Six Super Secret Santa Gifts

If you’re looking for the best gifts for your family or friends this Christmas, or a unique Kris Kringle for work, don’t waste money on some plastic junk!

These charity gift ideas make very good presents for anyone, and are the best alternative to the standard Secret Santa gifts everyone’s used to getting.

Every CAREgift represents an item we use in our poverty-fighting work, and are beautiful examples of how ethical shopping can make a big difference.

Whoever you’re buying for, we’ve got you covered! With each purchase, a family in the developing world receives lifesaving aid, and your lucky friend will receive a beautiful, personalised card letting them know the good they’re doing!


A funny gift – Give a goat

We’re not kidding, this is a seriously important gift!

It may sound funny, but if you want to give a truly resilient gift - give a goat! Even in the harshest environments, a goat will be a reliable source of milk for its owners to drink and sell. For $45, it isn’t a baaad way to surprise your Kris Kringle this year.

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A Cool gift – A bicycle for a health worker

This is a wheely cool gift.

In some of the remote areas CARE works in, transportation can be hard to come by. Local health workers need to get around efficiently and one of the best ways to travel is by bicycle. This $94 gift can give a health worker a bicycle so they can safely travel to appointments to support pregnant women and newborns.

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A novelty gift – A cow

Are you looking for a unique gift that’ll stand out from the herd? A cow will produce milk and is a strong companion to help carry heavy loads and plough fields. At $190 – it’s a legendairy gift!

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A Cheap gift – a chicken!

Is there a $20 cap on your Secret Santa at work? This is the cheep gift for you!

If you are stuck counting your pennies at Christmas time, look no further. This $15 chicken is great value for money, and provides nutritious eggs for a family to eat and sell. Even though it’s cheap, you’re still helping provide food and income for a family in need, so there’s no need to feel like a scrooge this Christmas!

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A sweet gift - Cocoa

This is a super sweet gift. Is there a special someone you’re hoping to spoil this Christmas? You can give the sweetest gift of all and help families grow cocoa to sell and earn an income. Your $45 gift will help support fair trade farmers. It’s ethical shopping made simple and it will make a perfect present idea for any sweet tooth.

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With so many lifesaving gifts to choose from, like immunisations for babies or goat gifts for farmers, these are the best gifts you can give this Christmas! Check out the full range of CAREgifts here.