How your CAREgifts are making a difference

Nearly 13,000 CAREgifts were bought by our amazing supporters last year! Each and every gift goes a long way to change the lives of the recipients. Here are five people whose lives were changed because donors like you bought CAREgifts!


A herd of goats for Maliyana in Malawi

When Maliyana’s father passed away her mother was left to raise two children on her own. The family had many struggles and often went undernourished. That all changed when they received their CAREgift: a herd of goats! One goat can provide up to 16 glasses of protein-filled milk, so these helped Maliyana and her family stay healthy.

Maliyana says, "When the goats came to our household they brought so much joy."


Business training for Bedryyah in Jordan

Bedryyah is a Syrian refugee who came to Jordan with absolutely nothing.

Her CAREgift was business training, which taught her how to operate a small business, get more customers, and how to market her products. Now she runs her own catering business and is making enough money to support her family!

“The program has made my life better. I don’t need anyone to pay the rent, my electricity and water any longer … I feel like one of the proudest people in the world.”


Sending Pamela to school in Papua New Guinea

CAREgifts are sending girls to school! Pamela, 8, is a Grade 1 student at a remote elementary school in Papua New Guinea’s highlands. Pamela loves school and has high hopes for her education.

“I would like to be a teacher when I grow up,” says Pamela. “To do that I will need to get educated and do well in school. I will have to get good marks on tests, and I will have to go to bigger schools, and then college.”

Thanks to your gifts, Pamela is well on her way to reaching her dream!


Drought-resistant seeds for Kalista in Tanzania

Like many women in the region, Kalista carries the heavy burden of providing for her family. But last year, her crops didn’t grow, leaving Kalista and her family with hardly any food.

“Normally I eat very little. The little there is, I give to the children. I don’t want to tell them we do not have enough food, and would rather give them my share.”

Thanks to her CAREgift of drought-resistant seeds, Kalista is now planting nutritious and resilient crops to support her whole family!


A community vegetable garden for Euna in Zimbabwe

In a country where rates of malnutrition are high, Euna was struggling to keep her son healthy. Thanks to her CAREgift of a community vegetable garden, she now learns skills in farming and agriculture to help her grow more nutritious crops and increase their yield. Thanks to her CAREgift, Euna’s son is growing up healthy and strong!

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